Dental Implants From Your Dentists in Rochester

If you've experienced tooth loss, you know that simply speaking and smiling can cause feelings of self-consciousness. Thankfully, dental implants can help restore aesthetics and function to your smile.

Designed to replace your extracted tooth roots, a dental implant prevents jaw bone loss, provides a strong foundation for a finishing dental crown, prevents shifting in nearby teeth, and preserves the natural shape of your face while simultaneously rejuvenating your smile.

What are dental implants made from?

These restorative devices are comprised of three main parts:

  • The implant, which is a small titanium post that is inserted into your jaw bone.
  • The abutment, which is a connector piece that attaches the dental implant to the dental crown.
  • The dental crown, which is a custom-made replacement tooth made to match the look and size of the tooth that was extracted.

If you're considering a dental implant, our experienced and skilled dentist would be happy to discuss your candidacy for this smile-restoring device. It’s important to keep in mind that while most patients will be able to have one or more implants placed without issue, those with healthy gums and adequate bone density are ideal candidates. For patients with low bone density, bone grafting is an option that can make dental implants possible.

Don't let tooth loss keep you from enjoying life to the fullest. Call us about dental implants in Greece or Henrietta today!


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  • Replace one or more missing teeth
  • Restore your smiling, speaking, & laughing confidence
  • Maintain your jaw bone density
  • Prevent facial sagging caused by tooth extraction
  • Avoid issues that can arise when nearby teeth shift

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