Meet Our Friendly Dentists In Rochester

Get To Know Cornerstone Dental

Why choose Cornerstone Dental? With so many options in our area, we truly feel we have something unique to offer. It starts with our people. You'll struggle to find dentists that care more about their patients' well being than the team at Cornerstone Dental. You'll be welcomed with a smile, treated with respect, listened to, and receive the highest level of care available. Our dentists are experts in their field and rely on the latest state-of-the-art technology to assist in creating healthy, beautiful smiles.

Dr. Daniel Palermo, General Dentist

Dr. Daniel Palermo is devoted to providing patient-centric treatments and procedures to every person in his care. Delivering comprehensive dentistry that optimizes your oral health is his focus, and whether he’s performing preventive, cosmetic, or restorative services, he’s passionate about helping you love your smile.

Dr. Marc Malatesta, General Dentist

Dr. Marc Malatesta loves all aspects of dentistry and is committed to delivering uncompromising excellence in dentistry. Providing high-quality oral health care while educating patients about how they can best prioritize their smile is his focus, and he looks forward to the opportunity to help you “love your smile!”

Dr. Matthew Valerio, General Dentist

Focused on helping his patients achieve optimal oral health in a fun and relaxed environment, Dr. Matthew Valerio and his team do everything they can to calm any fears and/or anxieties patients may experience. He derives great satisfaction from helping people smile with healthy confidence and would love the opportunity to care for your family’s oral health needs!

Dr. Alessandro Geminiani, Board-Certified Periodontist

Dr. Alessandro Geminiani is devoted to providing patient-centric care that centers on safety, integrity, and long-term success. His practice focuses on bone grafts, gingival grafts, periodontal surgery, and dental implants.
Dr Alessandro Geminiani

Dr. Kaylee Pollitt, General Dentist

Dr. Kaylee Pollitt provides compassionate, comprehensive, accommodating care with an emphasis on patient education. Committed to building long-term relationships with each person in her care, she’s focused on helping them maintain optimal oral health while achieving the smile they want.

Dr. Xiomara Restrepo, Orthodontist

Dr.Restrepo is a caring and experienced orthodontist who is highly trained and skilled in the practice of orthodontics and temporomandibular joint disorders.
Dr Xiomara Restrepo

Dr. Mitchell Rick , General Dentist

Dr. Mitchell Rick is focused on providing high-quality, individualized dental care in a laid-back environment that puts his patients at ease. Trust and integrity are the pillars of his practice philosophy– and he strives to form long-lasting relationships with his patients by listening to their goals, addressing their needs, and doing what is best for each specific patient.
Dr Mitchell Rick

Dr. Mitra Heidari , DMD, MS

Dr. Heidari is a board-certified pediatric dentist, bringing a unique blend of cultural influences to her practice. Born Persian but raised in Sweden, her European training and cosmopolitan outlook set her apart.

Her journey in dentistry began in Jakobstad, Finland, as a general dentist. However, driven by her American dream, she relocated to the United States, embarking on a new chapter.


Dr. Alexis Ghanem, General Dentist

Helping patients smile with healthy confidence is Dr. Ghanem’s passion. He devotes himself to ensuring that his patients feel at ease throughout every visit, to providing the diligent general dentistry treatments and procedures they need and deserve, and to educating them about the deep connection between oral and overall health.
Dr. Alexis Ghanem, General Dentist

Dr. Caitlin Hewitt , General Dentist

Dr. Caitlin Hewitt is a Rochester native who is committed to serving her community by providing compassionate and high-quality oral health care. Her top priority is helping patients feel comfortable and confident while addressing any concerns or goals to help achieve a healthy smile.